• Three great tools let you COMPARE your building metrics to those for similar facilities, ANALYZE your results, and IMPROVE your performance.
  • Premium Edition

    A full-featured benchmarking solution that enables you to analyze detailed building data and compare it to other similar buildings.

    • Over 40 standard reports
    • Over 60 filters
    • Best practices
    • Year-to-year trend reports

  • Starter Edition

    For those who are new to benchmarking or who have limited time to collect data but still want the benefits of benchmarking.

    • Over 40 standard reports
    • Over 60 filters
    • Best practices
    • Limited data input required

  • Query Edition

    A fast, inexpensive way to get started benchmarking — simply “query” our database to see how your metrics compare to others.

    • Reports for five benchmarking areas
    • Over 50 filters
    • No data to input!


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Who can benefit from FM BENCHMARKING?

We offer a range of tools to suit the needs of facility and organization executives, professional facility managers, service providers, consultants, and associations. Each type of professional will achieve different benefits from benchmarking. Learn more..

Why should I benchmark my facilities?

In addition to providing valuable information about your facility’s performance, benchmarking can help you set building and job performance goals, reduce your operating costs, justify your budget, improve your work processes, and negotiate successfully with contractors. Learn more…

What types of FM costs can I benchmark?

Through years of research, we’ve identified which costs impact overall performance the most. Our tools look at space utilization and costs for utilities, maintenance, janitorial services, security, waste management, grounds, and more. Special metrics are available for some building types such as health care. Learn more…

  • This chart shows how the overall maintenance costs for Building A, which has an area of 1.35M ft2, compares to those for similar facilities. The building is in Q4, indicating a need for improvement. Reducing costs by $0.80/ft2 (by implementing best practices) would move Building A to Q2, saving over $1M per year. Premium and Starter Editions only
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