Benefits of Benchmarking
No organization is too small to benefit from FM BENCHMARKING!

If you can reduce your operating costs or carbon footprint just a little, you will have justified the small cost of FM BENCHMARKING. And the larger your facility, the greater your savings will be.

Examples of Savings from Those Who Have Benchmarked

See examples of savings from ten companies who have been benchmarking. Examples are in the areas of space utilization, utilities, maintenance, custodial and security. We also show the average percentage savings over one, two and three years from those who have benchmarked in those areas.

Benchmarking Savings Calculator

Plug in the gross square feet or meters for your building and see what the savings would be from the median company doing benchmarking over any period from one-to-five years.

Some of the leading benefits of benchmarking are:
  1. Reduce costs.
  2. Help earn a 'green' designation, such as LEED-EBOM, ENERGY STAR, etc.
  3. Identify best practices.
  4. Add value to your facilities.
  5. Support business case for change.
  6. Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Justify costs and practices.
  8. Justify energy efficiency improvements.
  9. Conduct trend analysis.
  10. If you are an outside contractor, product or service provider:
    • See how your clients compare to those from other organizations:
      • If they are doing better, use the data in your marketing materials.
      • If they are not, then see what can be done to improve their performance.
    • If you already benchmark, gain the benefits by comparing to a broader database.

Typical Savings from Benchmarking

See how much savings per unit area has been saved over time by those who have benchmarked their facility metrics. Also see a detailed example of the impact of benchmarking on a facility's preventive maintenance ratio (The ratio of a facility's preventive/scheduled maintenance cost divided by its total of preventive/scheduled-plus-corrective maintenance costs.)