Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy for the FM BENCHMARKING website. In this policy, we describe what personal information we collect on our site, how we use it, and your options regarding information we may collect about you. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at:
FM BENCHMARKING, LLC, P.O. Box 18415, Washington, DC 20036-8415 | 301.365.1600

Information Collected…

Definition. In the paragraphs below, FM BENCHMARKING refers to “personal data.” Personal data is defined as any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier. Examples include an IP Address, email address, phone number, etc. Other than the IP Address, no information is collected by FM BENCHMARKING other than that which a visitor voluntarily and knowingly provided to FM BENCHMARKING.

From All Visitors

While you are browsing the FM website, anonymous information will be gathered in our computer system log files. We use this information to administer our site and learn, for example, which content is most popular and which areas may be having performance problems. We have no way to relate this information to any one individual.
In addition, we use a cookie called to log your path through our site. This cookie does not store any personally identifiable information about you, other than your IP Address. Nonetheless, you may choose to reject or delete the cookie at any time. To learn how to do this on your system, read your browser Help file. If you choose to reject this cookie, you will be unable to navigate any password-protected areas of FM BENCHMARKING, and we will not be able to include your interests in our own internal site evaluation.

From Registered Users

While you are browsing through our pages, we use a second cookie called to maintain your logged-in status, and to keep track of which pages you have visited. This status applies to those who have signed up for either the Advanced Demo or the subscription-based portion of FM BENCHMARKING. This cookie remains on your computer and you will not have to log in again as long as you continue to use the same browser and computer. At no time will FM BENCHMARKING share your personal information with anyone outside of FM BENCHMARKING. All information provided when you registered to access FM BENCHMARKING is stored and associated with your cookie; this includes your name, organization name, email address, phone number, and more. FM BENCHMARKING collects data from you about your building; none of these data will be shared with anyone outside of your organization, and it will be shared only with those from your organization with whom you provide permission.

From Those Who Sign Up for an FM BENCHMARKING Mailing List

If you have requested that FM BENCHMARKING send you its newsletters or other mailings, we will send it to your email address. Opting-out from either type of mail may be initiated from within the mail itself, by logging into your account, or by emailing .
At no time will FM BENCHMARKING share your personal information with anyone outside of FM BENCHMARKING, including what list you have signed up for. If you click on a link from within an email we send, your personal information will not be shared.

Updating your Information on FM BENCHMARKING

If you are a registered user of FM BENCHMARKING, should you want to update your personal information on FM BENCHMARKING or remove yourself from the FM BENCHMARKING mailing email list or registered users, click on Manage Users from the left menu bar. Alternatively, you may email us at

More Information about Your Data Maintained at FM BENCHMARKING

How Long FM BENCHMARKING Retains Data

FM BENCHMARKING retains your tracking data (IP Address) for 26 months (tracking data enables us to understand which pages you visited when you were on FM BENCHMARKING). This applies only to the public pages on FM BENCHMARKING­i.e., only those that do not require a password to access.

Legal Basis for Use of Your Data

Besides your IP Address, which was discussed above, FM BENCHMARKING maintains no other personal data that can be associated with you from the public part of the site; if you have signed up for the Advanced Demo, FMLink retains your email address as well. For the area where access requires a password to access the regular features of FM BENCHMARKING, additional data is maintained by FM BENCHMARKING so that we can generate the reports that you have requested to access. At no point is any of your personal information shared with anyone outside of FM BENCHMARKING.

How FM BENCHMARKING Uses the Data We Collect

FM BENCHMARKING uses the data we collect from you to generate the reports that you requested. You will be able to see the building names only for buildings to which you have access (as determined by your organization’s administrator); for other buildings, you will not see any information about them to identify their organization. And at no time are any personal data provided about any other FM BENCHMARKING subscriber, unless you have provided them with permission to access such data.

FM BENCHMARKING also uses information from our visitors to the public part of our website to compile data about how they are using FM BENCHMARKING. This may include which pages are visited, where visitors go after seeing a specific page, how long they spend on pages, what they click on, etc. All such data are provided in aggregate and never in the form of individual data about any specific subscribers. At no time is personal data about subscribers shared with anyone outside of FM BENCHMARKING.

Your Right to Access and Modify Your Data

Anyone who has provided personal data to FM BENCHMARKING may email to request the following (Allow 10-14 days for any changes to be made):

  • Details on the personal information retained by FM BENCHMARKING, and how it is being used.
  • Additional information on how to modify the personal information retained by FM BENCHMARKING.
  • Remove the personal information retained by FM BENCHMARKING (from individual mailing lists or from all lists).
  • Remove oneself permanently from any or all mailing lists, one may do so by emailing or by clicking on the appropriate link from the bottom of any such email.

You also may modify your personal data by clicking on Manage Users from the left menu bar of the registered users part of FM BENCHMARKING.

Data Maintained by Others Outside of FM BENCHMARKING

FM BENCHMARKING has third-party applications outside of the control of FM BENCHMARKING that from time-to-time track user data anonymously on the public part of FM BENCHMARKING during a visit. Such applications include but are not limited to social media buttons (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus), Google Analytics (visitor behavior, including identification of most visited pages on FM BENCHMARKING), WordPress and its third-party plug-ins (enable FM BENCHMARKING to serve up content). In no case does FM BENCHMARKING share any data provided by its visitors (e.g., one’s name, email address or company) with other entities outside of FM BENCHMARKING.

Updates to this Policy

As our website evolves over time or our data-handling policies change, we will update this Privacy Policy. Changes will be effective 10 days following the posting of the new policy on the website. If we make significant changes to our data-handling practices, we will attempt to notify our active customers in other reasonable ways that may include an administrative email or other notice. This privacy policy will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Maryland.