Query Edition

The Query Edition is the fastest, least expensive way to research metrics of other similar buildings.

The Query Edition is quick and easy. There’s no data to input; you simply query the largest, most current database in the industry to generate graphs showing metrics for buildings that are similar to yours. Once you input your financial info and occupied area data, Query generates results immediately — so you can quickly answer an executive’s questions about your building’s overall performance. Over 50 filters are available for reporting. Best of all, the cost of the Query Edition is amazingly low.

The Query Edition can help guide future benchmarking efforts as well. If the results show that your building is underperforming, you may want to try the Starter Edition, which can tell you how to improve your building’s performance.

Check out our online demo to see how this tool works.

Available Surveys

Space Utilization • Utilities • Maintenance • Janitorial • Security

Key Performance Charts

There are over 50 reports available in Query; this list is just a sampling.

  • Space utilization
  • Utilities: electric cost per area, total utilities cost per occupant, total energy consumption per area, water consumption per occupant)
  • Maintenance: maintenance cost per person and per square foot, area maintained per FTE, janitorial cost per person and per square foot, cost per area cleaned, area cleaned per FTE
  • Security: security cost per area, area secured per FTE


Results are presented on a per-unit-area, per-occupant, and per-worker basis for costs and utility consumption.

  • Percentage of facility occupied by a data center
  • Work order completion rate*
  • Facility condition index*
  • Service response time*
  • Carbon footprint*
  • Energy Star and LEED ratings*
  • Annual visitor count*
  • Visitor and security details*
  • Many more*

* Specialized surveys / reports


FM BENCHMARKING lets you input data and view results using any units!

  • Square feet, square meters
  • U.S. gallons, Imperial gallons, liters
  • Therms, cubic feet, cubic meters
  • Pounds, kilograms
  • BTUs, kilowatt hours
  • Acres or hectares
  • Local currency

Data Requirements