Overview & Comparison

All our benchmarking tools give you access to the largest, most current database in the industry and provide instant results.

FM BENCHMARKING offers a range of products to meet the needs of facility managers, facilities and corporate real estate executives, outsourcing companies and consultants, and associations.

Premium Edition is a full-featured benchmarking solution that enables you to analyze detailed building data and compare it to other similar buildings; it also provides insight into best practices that will reduce your costs and improve building performance. This edition includes year-to-year trend reports and is intended for those who have been benchmarking for 2 or more years and manage at least 50 buildings. [features / pricing]

Starter Edition is for those who are new to benchmarking or who have limited time to collect data but still want the benefits of benchmarking. It has most of the features as the Premium Edition but requires less data input. The Starter Edition will identify the areas where your facilities excel — as well as the areas that could benefit from changes. It also provides valuable information on best practices you can implement to save money. [features / pricing]

Query Edition is a fast, inexpensive way to get started benchmarking. You simply “query” our extensive database to see how your metrics compare to others. Use it to identify areas where your building is underperforming so you can best focus your future benchmarking efforts. [features / pricing]

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Premium Starter Query
Ability to benchmark best practices X X
Ability to identify how to improve building metrics X X
Accessible from anywhere X X X
Unlimited access for unlimited users X X
Ability to add / update data any time X X
Data broken down into details for each survey X
Carbon footprint, facility condition index, and other specialized data X
Data & Reports
Daily data updates X X X
Over 2000 buildings X X X
Over 40 standard reports X X X
Over 60 report filters X X X
Over 1,000 possible data fields X
Multiple building comparison reports X X
Year-to-year trend reports X
Based on real (not extrapolated / projected) data X X X
Available Benchmarking Surveys
Space Utilization X X X
Utilities X X X
Janitorial X X X
Maintenance X X X
Security X X X
Waste Management X X
Grounds & Paving X X