FM Benchmarking Benefits: Q&A

Why should I benchmark my facilities?

Any organization can benefit from FM BENCHMARKING’s suite of products. If you can reduce your operating costs or carbon footprint just a little, you will have justified the small cost of FM BENCHMARKING. And the larger your facility, the greater your savings. Benchmarking can help you…

  • Reduce your costs
  • Justify costs and practices
  • Prioritize best practices
  • Add value to your facilities
  • Support a business case for change
  • Identify your facility’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Justify energy-efficiency improvements
  • Analyze trends over a period of years
  • Earn a “green” designation (LEED-EBOM, ENERGY STAR, etc.)

If you are an outside contractor or product / service provider, benchmarking lets you compare your clients’ metrics to those of other organizations. If your clients are doing better, you can support marketing claims; if not, you’ll learn how to improve their performance. If you already benchmark, our tools will provide a broader database for comparison, and our best practice analysis (Starter and Premium Editions only) will show you how to improve your clients’ results. Learn how much you can save with FM BENCHMARKING