FM Benchmarking Benefits: Q&A

Who can benefit from FM BENCHMARKING?

Are you a facility executive, FM professional, service provider, consultant, or association? If so, learn how FM BENCHMARKING can benefit you.

Facility & Organization Executives

We understand that executives need a fast, easy, accurate way to assess their organization’s FM performance. Both the Starter and Query Editions achieve this goal. They not only show you whether your facilities are being managed cost effectively and in accordance with your expectations but they also tell you whether change or improvement is needed. Both Starter and Query offer reports for individual benchmarking areas (such as maintenance and utilities) as well as summary reports for these areas and for your total cost of operations.

Facility Management Professionals

Facility managers can use FM BENCHMARKING (Premium, Starter, and Query Editions) to determine whether their costs, consumption, and staffing are in line with industry norms. In addition, the Premium Edition provides valuable information about best practices to improve FM performance. Managers can use these tools to compare detailed metrics among their own buildings as well as outside their organization. Once you have data in the system for multiple years, you may see trends. Premium and Starter allow you to justify expenditures on improvements by showing what others have done so you can estimate your potential savings.

Service Providers

FM BENCHMARKING’s Premium, Starter, and Query Editions are ideal if you collect facility management data for clients. We can interface with your benchmarking system or track data in ours so you (and your clients) can see how they compare to your other clients — and to the rest of the world. You’ll see which buildings could perform better and what your clients can do to improve their results. If your clients are already high performers, you can let them know (and use the results in your marketing materials!). You even can use the results to justify your costs to clients, showing them that your pricing is in line with others who offer comparable levels of service.


The PremiumStarter, and Query Editions can be a great addition to your consulting toolbox. Use them to give your clients data showing how their facilities are performing compared to your other clients (and the rest of the world). These tools can also help you develop recommendations for best practices that will improve FM performance. Add your FM expertise to provide a valuable service that should reduce your clients’ operating costs significantly.


FM BENCHMARKING can brand the PremiumStarter, and Query Editions for your association to provide value-added benefits that can help you build your membership base. Your membership will have access to comparative FM data and best practices information, and you’ll be able to conduct the types of research that many members seek. If your association represents an FM vertical (such as health care, financial institutions, retail, etc.), we can add custom metrics for those types of facilities.