FM Benchmarking Benefits: Q&A

How much can I save by benchmarking?

The amount of money you can save through benchmarking depends on several factors. One is how effectively you are already managing your facilities; another is the cost of utilities and labor in your geographic region. In our 15+ years of benchmarking, however, we’ve seen that nearly everyone saves.

Moreover, your savings typically increase each year. In the first year, you’ll identify the most obvious best practices. Once you implement those practices, you’ll save money. The next time you benchmark, you’ll be comparing your performance to a different set of buildings — those who have reduced operating expenses by implementing even more best practices. We call this the continuous improvement cycle.

Our analysis of those who have applied FM BENCHMARKING’s methodology for over 10 years has shown remarkable improvement for them. See the graphs below for the median-performing company using this methodology:

Cost Savings After Benchmarking

Energy Savings After Benchmarking

Benchmarking Case Studies

Read two interesting case studies to learn more about how benchmarking can save you money: